Thursday 20th January 2022
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Used Laptops Buying Guide

The aim of this guide is to demonstrate that buying a used laptop can be a very good choice, enabling you to save money and perhaps get a model that would be much more expensive if brand new. So, if you're unsure if you want to take the 'second user' route, take a few minutes to read this guide which should help you decide if buying a cheap used laptop is for you.

Here at Bigpockets we have been selling used and refurbished laptops to the UK market for over 10 years so we are in a good position to offer advice on the matter. We will split this article into sections so you can easily access the information you need.

Is a used laptop the right choice for me?
The reasons why somebody would purchase a used laptop over a new one can vary, but in most cases it will come down to price. The cost of our used laptops varies since our stock changes frequently, but in general a used laptop can be bought from as little as 99 all the way up to 200 or 300 +. Obviously, the more money you spend, the more powerful laptop you can purchase, but, as we will explain below, you do not always need a 'powerful' used laptop to cover your needs.

So, if you are on a budget, or just want to save money, a used laptop can be the right choice for you.

How are your used laptops packaged?
This is one of the main differences between a new laptop and a cheap used laptop. With a new laptop you will get a nice, shiny sealed box and fancy packaging. Our used laptops are delivered in new plain boxes (well packaged to protect the laptop during transit) along with the appropriate power supply cables. We don't produce instructions, but this really does not make any difference since pretty miuch everybody knows how to use a laptop so instructions are not normally required. Plus there are numerous online laptop related forums which can provide help should you need it.

What condition are your used laptops in?
We get asked this question a lot. The very nature of used laptops means they are not going to look 'brand new'. However, in most cases our used laptops are in good to very good condition. If you take a look at a laptop you currently own, perhaps one you have had for a number of years, there is a good chance it will have some surface marks on it, perhaps a few light scratches here and there, there may be some stickers missing etc. However, the chances are that the screen of your laptop will be in good condition without any scratches. It may be a little dirty but there will be no damage, pressure marks or scratches. This pretty much serves as a general description of our used laptops that we sell here at Bigpockets. The screens will have no damage, but the casing may have signs of wear commensurate with it being a used laptop. As long as you don't expect a brand new looking, shiny and polish laptop, you will most likely be more than happy with the condition of our used laptops.

Do you provide a warranty with your used laptops?
Yes. All of our used laptops come with a warranty for your peace of mind. In general our used laptop warranty period is 6 months. However this can vary. Sometimes we provide less or more warranty on certain models. Occaisionally some used laptops have a 1 months or 30 day warranty. In all cases, we will clearly state the warranty provided in the description of each individual used laptop. This way you will know exactly what warranty comes with your used laptop before you purchase it.

What if I don't like the laptop when I receive it?
All our used laptops are protected by our customer satisfaction guarantee. UK law states that for purchases over the internet, consumers have a '7 day cooling off period' during which they can opt to return their purchase for a refund if they are not happy with it for any reason. We extend this period to 30 days to give our customers complete peace of mind. So if you purchase a used laptop from us and you are not happy with it for any reason, you simply need to contact us to have a return authorised and return the laptop to us within 30 days for a prompt refund.

Do your used laptops come with a power supply?
Yes. We always provide a power adapter/charger with all of our used laptops. We do not always have the original charger, in which case we will provide a brand new OEM manufacturer power supply that exactly matches the power requirements of the laptop in question.

How long will the battery last in your used laptops?
This ranks as one of the most common questions our customers ask us about our cheap used laptops. It is also a hard question to give a definitive answer to. As anybody who has owned a laptop from new will probably have experienced, battery life can begin to diminish quite quickly. If you use you laptop whilst plugged into the mains even though the battery is fully charged, this can begin to affect the battery adversely meaning the battery life will worsen more rapidly. So basically, depending on how a laptop has been used and the charge cycles employed by the owner, the remaining battery life can vary quite significantly. This is why we can not give a definitive or specific answer to this common question. The battery life of our used laptops can vary from less than an hour to over 2 hours. It also depends on how the laptop is being used, what applications are being run etc. We obviously would not be happy selling you a laptop whos battery no longer works, so we guarantee that the battery will hold a charge and work for at least ten minutes. In most cases the battery will last a lot longer, but we have put this guarantee in place to ensure you will receive a working battery with your used laptop.

How long will my used laptop take to arrive?
Our used laptops are dispatched by a very busy department who need to check and assess each used laptop before it is dispatched. We therefore state on our website that the dispatch time for our used laptops is normally 2 to 3 working days, i.e. your laptop will be dispatched 2 to 3 working days after you place your order. You ideally need to have your order placed before 3pm for that day to count as one of the working days. In general we can get them dispatched within a day or two. In some cases it may take a little longer than 2 to 3 days, but you are more than welcome to contact us at any time for a status update on the dispatch of your used laptop order.

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